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    Paris in April. Weather, what to wear, What to Do

    You are planning to visit Paris in April, you need tips about the weather in Paris in April, things to do, what...

    Paris in November: weather, events, tips and what to wear

    Visiting Paris in November? Read our guide about weather, best events and what to pack to Paris in November

    October in Paris: Weather, What to Wear, and Art Fairs

    Visiting Paris in October? Find tips about weather, what to wear in Paris, things to do. Fairs, Opera, Exhibitions, shops and open museums

    Visiting Paris in August. Weather, what to wear

    You are visiting Paris in August? A guide about weather, summer activities, festivals, concerts live, Paris Plage. Things to do, to wear

    Visiting Paris in July. Weather, things to do in July, what to wear

    Thanks to its nice weather, July in Paris is the month of festivals, concerts live.  It is also the month of the Bastille Day (National...

    Paris in May: Weather, What to Wear, What to Do

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    Paris in February. Weather, what to wear, Valentine

    Find out about the weather, sales or what to wear in February in Paris. Tips about Valentine's day in Paris, musicals, opera, events taking place this month

    December in Paris: Weather and What to Do during the Christmas Period

    Discover Paris in December: best events, average weather, Christmas celebrations and lights, and things open or closed

    Paris in June. Weather, things to do, what to wear in Paris

    With its sunny and long days, June is clearly the high touristic season in Paris.

    Paris weather in October

    Paris weather is generally cool in October, and with the fall, showers are getting more and more frequent.

    Paris in September: Weather, What to Wear, and What to Do

    In September, the weather for traveling to Paris is often enjoyable. It's still the high season