Paris in November: weather, events, tips and what to wear

In November, Paris weather is still cool . Autumn is pleasant in the City of Light but days are fairly short. If you are lucky  you will have some cold, crisp days. In November, the cultural life is rich and first Christmas decorations appear. It could be an interesting month to visit the capital of love.

November lights in Paris

November lights in Paris


Paris weather in November

Paris in November with cloudy weather

Paris in November

Temperature are given in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Paris has a very low sunshine duration about 2 hours a day with a number of rainy days estimated at 15.

The average temperatures are between 6°C (43 °F) and 11°C (52°F) but depending of the year they can fall until -5°C (23°F) and rise until 20°C (68°F).
Duration of the day: on Nov. 1st, in Paris, the sun gets up at 7:14 am and lies down(goes to bed) at 6:48 am

For an any day of the month, here are the climatic statistics for Paris:

  • rainfall : 41%
  • Temperature < 0°C (32 F) : 0 %
  • Temperature between 0°C (32 F) and 16°C ( 61 F) : 91%
  • Temperature between 16°C (61 F) and 32°C (90 F) : 9%
  • Temperature > 32°C (90 F): 0 %
  • Wind > 15 km/h : 19%

If it rains,  the precipitation type you will meet will  be moderate or light rain, (never stormy rain).

Weather in Paris in early November

As we are in the middle of autumn, Paris climate is chilly and windy but never excessively .

Weather in Paris at late November

At late November, the weather condition can be cold, it almost winter, so it can snow even it’s very rare .

During the last week of the month, the winter ambiance is accentuated by first Christmas lights and markets.

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What to wear in Paris in November

What to wear in Paris in November

Clothings for Paris in November

As Paris can be cold and rainy at this period pack adapted clothing to avoid bad surprises:

– a woolen pullover
– protective clothes against the rain (more useful than an umbrella in case of wind)  : a parka, or raincoat.
– walking shoes (but boots are not an obligation)
– gloves (mainly at month’s end)
– scarves (why not not buy a a trendy scarf in Paris?)
– jeans.
– a shirt to get out for men

Holidays in Paris in November

There are two holidays in France during November

  • Nov. 1 – All Saints:  People don’t work in France for All Saints day but most of shops, Monuments, and Museum will be open on 1st Nov.Museum closed on 1st Nov 2015 : Carnavalet, Musée des beaux Art, Petit Palais …
  • Nov. 11 – WWI Armistice: It’s also a public holiday when most of Museums are open. Shops and Monument can also be visited of course.
  • Autumn School Holidays: From mid October to early November there are School Holidays in Paris ,there will be many activities  and exhibits organized for kids.

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Special Events and things to do in November

Christmas Lights and decorations

First Christmas lights appears at this period of the year, you can find them in avenue des Champs Elysée, Montmartre and in famous Department stores in Haussmann opera.

Christmas Markets

In Paris, Christmas markets are numerous. The most famous one is the Christmas Market of Champs Elysées.

But other are also appreciated by Parisians:  Saint Germain des Prés, La Défense, Abesses…

You can find , French typical products, chocolate, warm wine, Crepes, pancakes …

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Chocolate Fair

first week-end of the month at Paris Expo

The international Chocolate Fair will happen in Paris  at late October /early November. French chefs organize many activites

Halloween in Paris

Many parties and events are scheduled in Paris for Halloween.

Special shows  such as Disneyland Paris’ show  will tend

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Jazzycolors Festival

Organized by the foreign cultural centers in Paris, the Jazzycolors festival is based on a simple concept:
make discover by the public the best groups of jazz of every participating countries, with three keywords: quality, originality, innovation.

It counts 26 concerts which take place in 13 cultural centers of the capital.
With a policy of attractive prices – from 5 to 10 € by ticket – the festival invites you to discover worldwide sounds: Bojan Z, Nils Wogram, Nicolas Kummert, Marie Carmen Koppel

Other possible activities


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