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Paris metro map and prices

Paris metro map, zones, tickets and prices for 2021

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Are you visiting Paris soon and planning your trip? Find tips about the metro in Paris, zones, lines, ticket prices, visit pass and detailed maps for 2021.

As you can see in the map, there are 14 lines in Paris metro and 2 Tramway (T2 an T3). There are also express trains (RER A, RER B, RERC and RER D).

What’s new in 2021: the line 14 reaches the station Mairie de Saint Ouen

Paris metro Map

New Paris metro map
New Paris metro map

Paris metro tickets for 2021 and Paris visite pass

Depending on the area you choose, Paris visit passes allows you to travel on:

  • Subway lines
  • RER lines (RATP and SNCF)
  • Transilien SNCF lines
  •   The bus (and tram) Île-de-France (RATP and OPTILE) except those of Jetbus networks Allobus, Roissy CDG, tourist circuits and finally Air France)
  • The Orly Val (connecting Orly Airport to the RER B)
  • The Montmartre Funicular.

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Paris Visite pass allows you to benefit from €100 discount with 13 partners, just by presenting your valid title.

You can book there a Paris Museum Pass  and have many discounts.

Get for example:

  • 20% discount on entry to the Arc de Triomphe
  • 20% discount on standard ticket for Disneyland Paris
  • 30% discount on entry to the Tour Montparnasse

You can also read our guide to visit Paris in 4 or 5 days.

Ticket prices for 2021

  • 1 single ticket: 1.90 €
  • 10 single tickets: 16.90 €(kids : 7.45€)

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Paris Visite metro pass prices for 2021

Zone 1 to 3 : for Metro in Paris center

  • 1 day: 12€ (kids : 5.80€)
  • 2 days: 19.50€ (kids : 9.75€)
  • 3 days: 26.65€ (kids : 13.30€)
  • 5 days: 38.35€ (kids: 19.15€)

Zone 1 to 5 : for Metro in Paris & suburbs (Airports included)

  • 1 day: 25.25€ (kids : 12.60€)
  • 2 days: 38.35€ (kids : 19.15€)
  • 3 days: 53.75€ (kids : 26.85€)
  • 5 days: 65.80€ (kids: 32.90€)
Paris visite pass map

Paris Metro Zones

There is five zones in Paris transportation Service.

Service called Metro operate only in Zones 1 and 2. The RER operates until Zone 6.

Paris Metro Zones
Paris Metro Zones

Those zones are located in Paris intramuros and its nearest suburbs.

For Example, if you access Saint-Denis and la Défense with le metro, your are in Zone 2. But if your access them with RER and bus, your are in zone 3.

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