Visiting Paris in August. Weather, what to wear


During August in Paris, temperatures can rise,  it is the month of summer activities, festivals, concerts live.  It is also the month of Paris Plages (Paris Beaches).

Read our Guide about visiting the Paris  in August and the complete description of the  weather , special summer activities and events .

Paris plage in Paris
Paris Plage event in August in Paris

During this month many museums and monuments have extended opening hours.

Paris weather in August

  • min temperatures in August:13°C / 55°F
  • max temperatures in August  :24°C / 75°F
  • average rainfall : 43 mm
  • number of rainy days: 13

The first weeks  of august are the warmest of the year in Paris, after the 15th august the weather is often milder and it could still be stormy.

Temperature can rise in early august and reach 30-35 °C (86 – 95 °F). And generally there is no wind, it’s why you could have hot.

The end of the month is generally milder, and can be stormy but it still pleasant.

Generally the average max temperature is about 24°C (75°F), as the climate is never extreme in France and min temperature are rarely under 12°C (50°F).

The average sunshine time is high during August and the average rainfall is one of the lowest of the year. The sunset is about 9m for early August, it gives you  lot of time to enjoy the visit of Paris.

August is the month when workers and students are in holidays, the City and its metro can seem empty. It makes high temperatures easier to be supported.


Weather in Paris

Summer in Paris: activities, events, festivals…

What to wear in Paris in August? What to pack

In Paris, the weather is undetermined, it’s difficult to know what to expect : showers or a glorious sun? So it is wise to be prepared:

– Summer and light clothes as temperatures can rise
– It’s also a good thing to have a polos and T-shirts and shorts .
– For men, don’t forget a shirt to get out.
– A sweater in case of milder temperatures
– Sun protections : don’t forget solar cream, sun glasses or a hat
– Shorts can be useful if the temperature rise and it is now trendy in Paris
– skirts for women of course
– A umbrella as it can rain in August in Paris.
– Good walking shoes (but avoid running shoes in the Capital of fashion)
– Open and closed shoes for different occasions.

Paris in August

Paris without Parisian

On august Parisian leave the city to spend holidays abroad or in one of many French region.

Some places can be strangely deserted, the Metro is not crowed .

Most of people you meet are tourists from France or abroad. It so the period when the visit of the City of Light can be the most peaceful.

Some restaurants and little shops can close around mid-August but it touristic places everything is still open.

Things to do

  • Paris in AugustDancing  in seine river bank  : Arenas in  Quai Saint-Bernard docks give the possibility to dance Tango, salsa, jazz and rock and roll on the Seine rive bank  and it’s free. read more :  free things to do in Paris
  • Visit Jardin des plantes picnic in many other  parks in Paris ( Butte Chaumont, Monsouris, Luxembourg)
  • Enjoy many Festivals offered in Paris during the summer (outdoor cinema, Paris quartier d’été)
  • During the summer in Paris there are many concert lives during Paris Plages
  • Enjoy one of many summer music festival (Paris Quartier d’été, Rock-en Seine, LaPlage…)
  • Discover one of typical district of Paris like Marais, Latin Quarter or Montmartre

Special events in Paris in August

  • Paris Plage

It one of the most popular summer events in Paris, beaches are settled on the seine bank, free concert live beaches activities are available for adults and kids (beach volley, rugby mini-catamaran) , free dancing lessons of salsa, tango, foro are given, concert live and other surprising events.

  • Paris quartier d’été
Festival Paris quartier d’été  is a multidisciplinary art festival held each summer in Paris form mid July to mid August. Every summer, usually outdoors, dance, music, theater, circus and other events invest parks, gardens, squares, avenues and monuments. until Mid-August 2018
  • OutDoor Cinema Festival

An outdoor cinema event very appreciated by Parisians in La Villette Park in 19th arrondissement (North of Paris)

  • Rock en seine-  August 24- 25- 26 , 2018

One of the greatest Music festival in Paris, in the spacious and beautiful Parc de Saint Cloud (West of Paris)

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Summer in Paris

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Paris quarters and Neighborhoods


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