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Running at Monceau Park in Paris

Where to run in Paris – Parks, places for running and sport

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When you visit Paris, you will quickly notice that Parisians seems to be sportsmen… indeed, you will see a lot of joggers. But, where are they all going ? What are their favorite places to run ? Parks ? Docks ? River banks?

Before answering those questions, just let me give you some advice :
– Put good shoes
– a good mobile application is Runkeeper, download it before going out and you will know, for how long you run, how many miles you have done or how many calories you lost.
– if you decide to run in parks, and if the weather is good DON’T go in the middle of the afternoon, as you must know, parks are full and you won’t run but slalom between babies carriages, scooters…

Parisians’ favorite places are unquestionably greenery sites.

Top 3 parks or places for running in Paris :

1. Monceau Park  ( subway Line 2 Monceau)

Located in the 8th arrondisement it is a very charming park, not overly large. The perimeter path is one kilometer long, which is helpful if you want to count the distance you ran.

You’ll love it, it is very beautiful, after running just go for a walk round the park,there are impressive typically Parisians  buildings. On Saturday and on Sunday morning, a lot of runners come, in the afternoon, be careful it is full of walkers!

If you want to see opening times, click here

Monceau Park entry ParisCharming Monceau parkMonceau Park in Paris

Running at Monceau Park in Paris

2. Park des buttes chaumonts (subway line 7bis  Buttes Chaumont )

Located in the north east of Paris, it is different from the first one : it is larger and longer, the perimeter path is 2,5 km.

It’s THE place if you want challenge, there are a lot of rises, there are of course descents too, but rises can be really hard ! If you have time and courage, it will be a good idea to climb to the “peak” of the hill, the view is so beautiful.

If you want to see opening times, click here

Chaumont Park map in ParisChaumont park lake - Pariswater at Chaumont Park - ParisRunning in Paris - Chaumont Park

3. Lake of Vincennes (Metro Porte Dauphine (subway Line 2) or Ranelagh (subway Line 9) are about 1km from the park).

A very great open space to jog in, it’s huge, it’s about 2 times the size of central park.
The most popular “ jogger’s lake “ is Lac Daumesnil which is about 2km long, if you decide to run there you’d rather stop at metro Porte Dorée ( Line 8 ).
If you have time after running, you can go and visit “ the castle of Vincennes “ … it’s worth the trip !

Vincennes Park in ParisVincennes Park lake Paris



Vincennes Chateau at ParisSport in Paris - Vincennes lake








Next week … three others places where it is pleasant to run !

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