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Paris in April. Weather, what to wear

You are planning to visit Paris in April,  You need tips about weather, things to do,  what to pack, how to spend a wonderful  in the City of Light… Welcome As the  spring begins, you will enjoy the magnificent of Paris : Flowering trees, drinking coffee or

Latin quarter in Paris.

From the great Notre Dame Cathedral to the peaceful Jardin des Plantes Garden via the Place Monge food market find a complete walk through the typical neighborhood of Latin Quarter one of the most visited area in Paris.

Shopping Malls in Paris France

Paris, the capital of fashion, is a good place for shopping. Many shopping areas are available in the City of Light. To be efficient you can opt to go to one of many shopping Malls in Paris. They are generally open from Monday to Saturday, from 9am

#FrenchTech : Startupassembly in Paris on May 28-30

Organized by the FrenchTech, The Startup Assembly will take place this year in France from May 28 to 30 This event follows the model of the Heritage Days (but focused on startups!) The goals are multiples : ◾ promote startup ecosystem in France ◾ promote employment Technology

Paris Opera Garnier

Designed by the architect, Charles Garnier, the construction of the impressive Opera Garnier began in 1860. The inauguration took place on 1875 and was the consecration of Baron Hausmann's great urban transformation project. It was a symbol of Paris wealth during the 19th century