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Paris in April. Weather, what to wear

You are planning to visit Paris in April,  You need tips about weather, things to do,  what to pack, how to spend a wonderful  in the City of Light… Welcome As the  spring begins, you will enjoy the magnificent of Paris : Flowering trees, drinking coffee or

Latin quarter in Paris

From the great Notre Dame Cathedral to the peaceful Jardin des Plantes Garden via the Place Monge food market find a complete walk through the typical neighborhood of Latin Quarter one of the most visited area in Paris.

Moroccan restaurants in Paris

Visiting the City of Light can be a good opportunity to have a lunch or a dinner in one of many Moroccan restaurants in Paris. Morocan food, which is very refined and varied, is very appreciated by Parisians and the Couscous is one of favorite dishes of

Why you should visit Paris in 2016

You plan to visit Paris in 2016? We have listed for you some reasons  to convince you that is a good idea. Great Exhibitions and cultural events scheduled in 2016 If you are passionated by Art , many great cultural events will take place in 2016 Picasso.mania

Best Cruise for New Year’s Eve 2017 in Paris

One of the best way to celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2017 in Paris is to have dinner cruise on the Seine river. For 2017, many boat companies will propose a Special New Year’s Eve Cruise that can allow you to have a romantic gourmet dinner with