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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG): Taxi price, shuttle, connections

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Airport Paris -Charles de Gaulle is the most important airport in France and second one in Europe. Over 170 airlines serve many destinations in the world from CDG airport. Read our guide about Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport: map, taxis price, connections.

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Getting in Paris from Charles de Gaulle Airport

You can go to Paris from Charles de Gaulle airport by car, RER , taxi and bus.

By car: The airport is located 25 km north of Paris . Take the A1 via Porte la Chapelle or A3 via Porte de Bagnolet in the direction of Paris .

You can count between 30 minutes and one thirty depending on traffic to get in Paris.

By RER : You can take the RER -B every 15 minutes. Allow about 30 minutes for the journey from Paris Gare du Nord .

find a sum up of way to get in Paris

  • REB B                       | 30 min   | 9.50 €
  • Roissybus               | 60 min   | 10.50€
  • Car Air France      | 50 min   | 17€
  • Taxi                           | 40 min   | 50/60 €

The most comfortable way to  get in Paris Center from Charles Gaulle Airport is the Taxi – €50 -60 (for about 40 mins).

To save money for your transfer  in the center try the RER-B (rail link to Paris), it’s less expensive  and direct to Paris Center (Gare de Nord, Chatelet, St Michel…Stations) and it takes about 30 mins.

Taxis à Charles de Gaulle Airport

Since 2018, There are 2 fares for taxis between the Airport and Paris Center:

  • CDG Airport – Right Bank: €53
  • CDG Aiport – Left Bank: €58

How to recognize an official Taxis at CDG Airport?

They are all located above the gate where is mentioned “taxi location“. They have an illuminated roof.

Taxi locations at Charle de Gaulle airport at the arrival level:

  • Terminal 1: exit 24
  • Terminal 2A : exit 6
  • Terminal 2C: exit 14
  • Terminal 2D: exit 7
  • Terminal 2E: exit 10
  • Terminal 2F: exit 11
  • Terminal 2G: blue level
  • Terminal 3 : arrival level

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Parking at Charles de Gaulle airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport offers several options for parking your vehicle.

Parking Rates

Drop-off / parking                  T1 , T2 , T3              from € 6 per hour
Long-time parking                 PR , PX or T3         from € 6 per hour

Economy Parking                                                       best rates after  5h

Traveling from New Yok city to Paris Charles de Gaulles airport

You can obviously find different interesting flights from New York to Paris CDG . Different airlines providing flights from John F. Kennedy International Airport ( JFK), Newark Liberty International Airport ( EWR) and LaGuardia Airport ( LGA) .

Please find below a list of airlines that operate flights from New York to CDG airport :
Company                       Direct flight / stop                             from
Aer Lingus                     1 stop : Dublin                                     JFK
Air France                      Direct                                                    JFK and Newark
American Airlines      Direct                                                     JFK
British Airways           Direct or 1 stop to London            JFK
Delta Air Lines             Direct                                                     JFK and Newark
KLM                                 1 stopover in Amsterdam              LaGuardia
United Airlines           Direct                                                      Newark
U.S. Airways                1 stop in Philadelphia                       LaGuardia

The duration of a direct flight is about 8 hours. Between New York and Paris , there is a time difference of 6 hours ( UTC -04 ) .

Price of a flight New York City – Paris

The price of airline tickets to Paris from New York change depending on the periode in the  year . The most expensive to travel to Paris are summer months, June and the holiday season  . To enjoy the most competitive rates, try to book your flight at least 6-8 weeks in advance .

Charles de Gaulle airport map

To facilitate your leaving from the airport , please find below the map of the Paris- Charles de Gaulle map. Click on the image bellow to enlarge it.

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport map
Paris Charles de Gaulle airport map

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