Centre Pompidou Paris: Opening Hours,Tickets prices, lines and Exhibitions


The architecture of this place is what makes it unique, deemed scandalous at the time of its inauguration, the Centre Pompidou Paris welcomes no less than 5 million visitors each year. In this guide, you will find all the essential information about your visit: Centre Pompidou opening hours, prices, busy periods, exhibitions, and how to book tickets in advance to avoid long waits.

Bringing together all forms and elements of contemporary culture, “Beaubourg”, as it is also known, has won the hearts of the public by bringing a playful aspect to the discovery of modern art. Each year it hosts numerous exhibition events.

Jeff Koon at Centre Pompidou
Jeff Koon at Centre Pompidou

Prix Duchamp, Magritte, and André Breton – here is a list of exhibitions currently on display at the Centre Georges Pompidou.

Opening hours and Accessing the Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou Opening hours:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 11:00am – 9:00pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10:00am – 9:00pm
  • Closed on Tuesday
  • Closed 1st May

Getting there:

Address: Centre Georges Pompidou, Place Beaubourg, 75004 Paris

Métro: Rambuteau, Les Halles

Cente Pompidou Ticket Price

  • Centre Pompidou Entrance Ticket (Collections and Exhibitions): €14
  • Centre Pompidou + Boat Tour : €21,50

>>Avoid long waits and book your priority access ticket in advance.

Busy Periods and Queues at the Centre Pompidou

The waiting time in the queue can be very long.

You can wait for up to 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

During the Week, waiting times can easily reach 1 hour 30 minutes in both the morning and afternoon.

The solution? A queue-jump ticket: for 14 euros you can avoid the line and even access certain exhibitions.

lines and attendees at Centre Pompidou Museum Paris
lines and attendees at Centre Pompidou Museum Paris

Opening hours and queues in the Centre Pompidou

You can buy your ticket here: Centre Pompidou priority access ticket

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Exhibitions Currently at Centre Pompidou

  • Cy Twombly exhibition at the Centre Pompidou – 30th November until 24th April 2017
  • Expo KOLLEKTSIA! Contemporary Art of Russia and the USSR 1950-2000 – 14th September 2016 until 27th March 2017
  • 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ANDRÉ BRETON (Photography Exhibition) –  21th September 2016 until 1st January 2017
  • THE THEA WESTREICH WAGNER AND ETHAN WAGNER COLLECTION–  10th June 2016 until 6th February 2017
  • Exhibition ART AND FREEDOM: CONFLICT, WAR AND SURREALISM IN EGYPT (1938 – 1948) – 19th October 2016 until 16th January 2017
  • POLYPHONIES: OLIVER BEER, MARIECHEN DANZ, FRANCK LEIBOVICI – 19th October 2016 until 23th January 2017
  • PRIX MARCEL DUCHAMP 2016: KADER ATTIA, YTO BARRADA, ULLA VON BRANDENBURG AND BARTHÉLÉMY TOGUO (Contemporary Art) – 12th October 2016 until 30th January 2017
  • MAGRITTE : LA TRAHISON DES IMAGES (The Infidelity of Pictures) (Exhibition of paintings) – 21st September 2016 until 23rd January 2017
  • JEAN-LUC MOULÈNE Exhibition – 19th October 2016 until 20th February 2017
  • Graffiti Brassaï – 9th Novembre 2016 until 30 January 2017


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