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Chinese New year in Paris

Chinese New Year in Paris – Parades, Dates

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Chinese New year in Paris 2014

Chinese New Year, named year of the Dragon  , begins on the Saturday 10th of  Ferbuary 2024. Tet and Chinese New Year  Celebrations in Paris occur the the 2nd the 3rd weekend of February.

They are very appreciated by Parisian and tourists, they gather about 200 000 people. Don’t miss Paris Chinatown during this period. The great Parade in the 13rd arrondissement will take place on Sunday February, 18th , 2024

Chinese new year celebrations in Paris

  • Chinese district : Paris 13th arrondissement : confirmed

The 13th arrondissement of Paris offers each year the most legendary parade in the most famous Chinese district in Paris. Onlookers that day are numerous and even if it is sometimes hard to carve out a place to watch the spectacle, the atmosphere amazing. Thousands of people admire the wonderful Parade with dragons, tigers, Chinese traditional clothes. :

18th February

Start at 1:30 pm at 44th avenue d’Ivry then avenue de Choisy, place d’Italie, tolbiac and the back to the avenue d’Ivry. During February Paris 13 will propose an Asiatic festival with shows and Concerts Live .
the route
– 44 avenue d’Ivry
– Avenue de Choisy
– Place d’Italie
– Avenue d’Italie
– Rue de Tolbiac
– Avenue de Choisy
– Boulevard Masséna
– Avenue d’Ivry

  • Paris  arrondissements 3 and 4

This parade organized in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements is certainly the most spectacular and the most inevitable of all.During the parade, done on the occasion of Chinese New Year celebrations, many Dragons and Lions will be dancing and many costumes will amaze you. The Date will be updated soon

start at 2h30 pm at Hotel de Ville (City Hall). End at Beaubourg.

the route (departure place de la République)
-rue du Temple
-rue de Bretagne
-Rue de Turbigo
-Rue Beaubourg

The City will propose a  Chinese Cutlture Week for this occasion

Chinese new year in Paris
Chinese new year in Paris
  • Belleville and Marais Disctrict

Sunday 11th of February or 18h of February – The parade starts at Mo Belleville at 10 am(known to be a Chinese district in Paris) and ends at Mo Belleville.. Confirmation of the date comming soon.

From 3am, performances will be celebrate (dance, martial arts …) at the metro Belleville .

the route
– Métro Belleville
– Boulevard de la Villette
– Rue Rebeval
– Rue Jules Romains
– Rue de Belleville
– Rue Louis Bonnet
– Rue de la Presentation
– Rue du Faubourg du Temple
– Métro Belleville

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