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    Excursion to Provins from Paris : discover the medieval city

    Easily accessible from Paris, Provins is worth a trip in the Paris region. The city used to be one of the richest in th world. the Church was built in the XI century , the Tour Cesar is impressive, the narrow streets are really charming. Read our guide to discover it

    Excursion to Auvers sur Oise and Van Gogh’s house from Paris

    Auvers sur Oise situated at 35 km from Paris. the master Van Gogh spent their his last days. This charming countryside was a source of inspiration for Van Gogh but also for many figure of impressionism. It's now a worth a trip for painting lovers and many excursions and guided tours are proposed from Paris to this Village

    Day trip from Paris: Vaux-le-Vicomte

    Vaux le Vicomte a day trip from Paris

    Excursion from Paris to Fontainebleau, Renaissance splendor

    Tryptophane à excursion to Fontainebleau and discover the Chateau, the forest and Barbizon painting school

    Excursions from Paris to Giverny and Monet’s house

    Discover Giverny the impressionist village where lived Claude Monet

    Best day-trips from Paris: Nature, Romantic, Hiking excursion, History

    Many France's attractions are situated around Paris . Read our Guide and discover best excursions from Paris like Giverny, Auvers, Fontainebleau or Normandy... Many of these spots are easily accessible in 1 or 2 hours