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Versailles, Normandy, Châteaux, find descriptions and tips about day trips available from Paris.
Many of them are easily accessible from the French Capital by car or by train.

Discover the Chateau de Versailles, situated at 20 minutes from Paris. The Magnificent palace built by Louis XIV, the Sun King is a symbol of pomp and absolutism. Don't miss the Galerie des Glaces, the wonderful gardens by Le Notre and the works by Le Brun
Vaux le Vicomte a day trip from Paris
Tryptophane à excursion to Fontainebleau and discover the Chateau, the forest and Barbizon painting school
Discover Giverny the impressionist village where lived Claude Monet
Many France's attractions are situated around Paris . Read our Guide and discover best excursions from Paris like Giverny, Auvers, Fontainebleau or Normandy... Many of these spots are easily accessible in 1 or 2 hours


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