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Cave du Louvre- Wine tasting in Paris

Wine tasting in Paris and wine bars

by stillinparis

Dear fellow reader, may I introduce you to the two principal aspects of our european philosophy : wine and art de vivre. Today, I will focus on the most important one according to the ‘connaisseurs’ (litteraly people who know). The French wine, that is to say. Many people drink wine. Most of them without knowing it at all. I will offer you a specific program which might help you to discover this universe. In Paris, we are very well equiped. You can drink wine or buy some wine bottles in each part of the city at any hour. You might ask where to go for Wine tasting in Paris : StillinParis will then show you the way !

Wine tasting : the clue to a better knowledge

Any beginner or amateur will have to taste wine. It is the best way to know the varieties and tastes. Fortunately, we have great places is in Paris to welcome you and introduce you to that matter. I will present you my favourite places : Les Caves du Louvre, and Ô Château (both located in the city-center).

Les Caves du Louvre

There is a secret about the most famous museum in the world. It’s called ‘caves’ and actually it was the place where king Louis XV used to put his wine. Today, these are open to the public. Many wine lovers come from everywhere to visit them. There are also some attractions : you can create your own wine and taste all the existing ones during the visit. Although it is not particularily expensive : you would pay 19€ for the visit and a 3 wines degustation, 23€ for a champagne and 30€ for a 3 wines degustation and a personnalized bottle. Trust us, it worth the price !

Cave du Louvre- Wine tasting in Paris

Cave du Louvre- Wine tasting in Paris

Here is the address : Les Caves du Louvre – 52 rue de l’Arbre sec – 75001 Paris

website : www.cavesdulouvre.com

Ô Château

The best place to introduce you is definitely this one : Ô Château. They have all sorts of French wine on the market. Hundreds of wines ! In that place you can also have ‘wine classes’ to become an expert.  Moreover, Ô Château was recently named ‘Best wine bar in Paris’. The staff in that place is completely bilingual (French and English), so it can be easier for all the tourists interested in wine. Isn’t that marvelous? The place is open everyday from 4PM to midnight. When you’ll be out from there, you will certainly be a better ‘connaisseur’ than we are. I’m quite sure about that…

O Chateau wine bar in Paris

O Chateau Wine bar in Paris

Come and visit to this address : Ô Château – 68 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau – 75001 Paris


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