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Petit Versailles au Marais Bakery

The 5 best bakeries in Paris for baguette, bread and croissant

by stillinparis

We have selected for 5 of the best bakeries in Paris. Each one has it speciality but all of them are very appreciated by Parisians. Taste french baguette, bread or croissant as Parisians like it.

In France, bakeries play an important role so much for the bread, symbol of the french gastronomy around the world,  but also for the pastries or for the sandwiches that they offer to their customers. In a french bakery, there is something for every taste.
A bakery is also an atmosphere, a decoration,  a smell …

When you get the chance to stay in an apartment in the heart of Paris, it’s difficult to think up your breakfast without going first to your neighborhood bakery.
For all those reasons, Apart Inn Paris (apartinparis.com), real estate agency specialized in the management of short term rental in Paris since 2011 is glad to present you the best bakeries of Paris.

L’Essentiel – The organic bakery

Essentiel Bakery in Paris

Essentiel Bakery in Paris

Located in the heart of the 13th district, 73 boulevard Auguste Blanqui, the Essentiel bakery welcomes you in a modern environment.

This neighborhood sophisticated bakery offers you a large range orginal recipes with agricultural biologic flour.
We discover in particular some cereals bread but also honey bread, raisin bread or even olive bread.

If you go there we recommend you to taste their delicious croissant.
73 boulevard Auguste Blanqui, 75013, Paris.

website : boulangerie-lessentiel.com/

Douceur et traditions

Located in the heart of the 11th district, not far from the Eiffel Tower or the Champ-de-Mars, one of the tourist favourite district of Paris, this bakery welcomes you in a warm environment and offers you a large range of bread, pastries …

This bakery is elected by all the regular customer as the one with the best baguette of the neighborhood (elected 6th best baguette of Paris in 2016) but also for the large range of  sandwiches that they offers.

If you are lucky enough to stay in our Saint Dominique apartment, this bakery is only few meters from your apartment.
85 rue Saint-Dominique, 75007, Paris.


La Parisienne – The modern bakery

Within a modern environment, it’s on 48 rue Madame, in the 6th District, that you will find the best baguette of Paris.
In this bakery, you will also find a large range of beautiful and delicious homemade pastries.

Moreover, you will have a warm welcome in this bakery which made it one of the best bakeries of Paris.
48 rue Madame, 75006, Paris.


Du Pain et des Idées – Handmade bread, baguette and croissant

On this bakery of the 10th district, 34 rue Yves Toudic, we stay loyal to the historical bakery spirit !
You won’t find any pastries, only bread, viennoiseries and some seasonal fruit pies.

All the products in this bakery are handmade product made with the best raw materials of the market.
If you go there, we recommend you to taste the pain des amis or the chocolate croissant which are delicious !
34 rue Yves Toudic, 75010, Paris.

site web :dupainetdesidees.com/

Au Petit Versailles du Marais

Petit Versailles au Marais Bakery

Petit Versailles au Marais Bakery

With it breathtaking frontage, this neighborhood bakery located in the heart of Le Marais, 1 rue Tiron, will enthrall you before you go into it.

Once you will be inside, you will find a splendid Versailles style decor with beautiful ceiling and historical moulding.
This bakery offers you a large range of delicious pastries and bread (elected 2nd best baguette of Paris in 2014).

We recommend you to visit this bakery at least for the beautiful decoration, moreover if you stay in one of our Marais apartment, you will easily be able to going there by foot.
1 rue Tiron, 75004, Paris

Thanks to Appart in Paris for those tips. ApartinnParis

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